Kenhina week is finally here! 

After receiving positive feedback from our followers and people in the kenhina fandom, we have decided to go ahead with starting a kenhina week! The week will begin on Wednesday May 4th and end on Kenhina day, Tuesday May 10th. This special week is being organized by @kenmai and @tooruo , any questions regarding this event should be only sent to either of our personal accounts. 


  • Anybody is allowed to participate.
  • Kenhina (platonic and/or romantic) entries only.
  • The two daily prompts per day can be mixed together or you can choose one per day.
  • NSFW is accepted.
  • Every type of media is accepted (graphics, gifs, fanart, fanfics, cosplay, playlists etc).
  • To allow us to see and like/reblog posts, please ensure all posts are tagged with ‘kenhinaweek2016’. Posts without this tag will not be reblogged.
  • You can also submit your work here.

Daily Prompts:

  • Wednesday 4th: Distance/Movies
  • Thursday 5th: Parents/Haunted
  • Friday 6th: Game Over/Adrenaline
  • Saturday 7th: Colour/Firsts
  • Sunday 8th: Swimsuit/Distraction
  • Monday 9th: Reunion/Final Haikyuu!! Quest
  • Tuesday 10th: Free Day

Thank you very much and we are excited to see everybody’s amazing posts! 


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