notsuchasecret :

kyosuke-kugas :

notsuchasecret :

And if you look to your right, you can see an exclusive image of the Squad.

#Seriously though guys #it us #hq #The Squad #Like #Christine’s Noya #I’m Hinata #Ry is Ennoshita #And Ezzy’s Suga #It fucking works

Oh yes the shortest one in the squad is Noya. Very original Bre. Very funny Bre. Where can I buy tickets to your stand up gig Bre.

I only meant that you’re older and ever so slightly cooler than me, but hey.

If you wanna play it that way I am more than game.

#sin squad#i almost typed sin squid#and honestly#some days#that feels appropriate somehow

Ezzy you oay?


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