perks of having a friend who doesn’t like seijou 😉

  • Kunimi and Kindaichi have their first date. The entire vball team decides they need to be chaperoned
  • well Oikawa decides they need to be chaperoned and invites the whole team
  • Kunimi ends up having to stand in line for snacks on a sticky floor while ¾ of the third years corner Kindaichi with first date tips
  • 5 minutes before the previews start Kageyama walks in the theatre and takes a seat 4 rows in front, ruining everyones mood
  • Oikawa threatens to serve his entire popcorn bag into the back of Kageyama’s head 
  • Iwaizumi threatens Oikawa with bodily harm
  • Kindaichi’s wondering if he’s really too young to have a stroke over his poor life choices up until this moment
  • Halfway through the film Yahaba falls asleep and lands on Kyoutani’s shoulder. Kyoutani threatens to punch him
  • Oikawa threatens Kyoutani with bodily harm
  • Iwaizumi cries at the end of the film. He’s the only one crying
  • They saw the Godzilla 2014 remake

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