Free! ES drama CD 2, track 06

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~ Nagisa: New members recruiting, RETURNS!

Gou: Do you want new members?!
N&R: Yeah!
Gou: Do you want to swim relays?!
N&R: Yeah!
Gou: Do you want to see magnificent muscles?!
N&R: Y-Yeaah…?
Gou: We’re going to get those new members!
N&R: Yeaah!
Rei: Wait, Gou-san! No amount of shouting inside the club room is going to attract anyone!
Gou: Rei-kun, lifting spirits is a crucial part of any battle! If nobody enters the club this year, the swimming club will be disbanded! We need to secure some members no matter what.
Nagisa: Not to mention, this year we have the club presentation on the stage…
Rei: …And we also get to visit the first years classes to talk about the club.
Nagisa: For the stage presentation, we’ll show off Gou-chan calligraphy while doing some deluxe edition air-swimming!
Rei: Deluxe edition… Just what part of it will be “deluxe”?!
Nagisa: Hmumumu, let’s use some water this year!
Rei: Water on the stage?! This is most obviously impossible!
Nagisa: Eeh? Rei-chan you cheapskate…
Rei: How is that being cheap?! And actually, are you saying air-swimming is decided for sure already?!
Gou: It is, no objections possible!
Rei: WHAT?
Nagisa: But for the classroom visits, can we decide ourselves?
Gou: I guess it’s fine…
Rei: What should be do?
Nagisa: Gnufufufufu… Actually… I have elaborated a strategy!
R&G: A strategy?
Nagisa: Tadaaam! (zwing)
Gou:  A script?
Rei: Iwatobi ranger?
Nagisa: It seems this is a play the swimming club did like ten years ago. I borrowed it the other day from a friend who’s in the drama club!
Gou: Are muscles included?
Nagisa: It seems like the setting involves fighting in swimsuit-style suits!
Gou: It’s decided then!
Rei: It is not! And what is the story like?
Nagisa: Uuum… The evil organization Dark Octopus Troops is attacking the peaceful Iwatobi city. In order to protect the citizen, the Iwatobi Rangers stand up!
Rei: Sounds like a normal hero story.
Gou: But according to this script, there are five Iwatobi rangers.
Rei: There’s only three of us, so if we do it we’ll need to alter the script…
Nagisa: Yeah… And for that, we’ll have no choice but to leave the fixes to Rei-chan’s flawless taste!
Rei: Huh, me?!
Gou: Yes, yes! For this, we have no choice but to leave it in the hands of our reliable captain! Oh, and I won’t do anything, okay.
Rei: You traitor!

Gou: First year students, hello to you! Our swimming club is currently training at the high school’s pool. …But! A crisis has come to Iwatobi city!
N&R: (pro-tier action moves)
Nagisa: Iwatobi Yellow, Nagisa!
Rei: Iwatobi Purple, Rei!
Nagisa: The two of us together are…
N&R: The Iwatobi Rangers! (flaaash)
Nagisa: As the Iwatobi Rangers, we protect Iwatobi City from the evil organization Dark Octopus Troops!
Rei: Thanks to those swimsuit-style suits, we act daily for the sake of peace!
Nagisa: With the protein powder rice balls our number one commander Gou-chan made, we power up! (shoves one in Rei’s mouth and eats one) Hm, delicious! Right, Rei-chan?!
Rei: …Yes, delicious…
Nagisa: Okay, have another one then.
Rei: (gags)
Nagisa: Hmm, delicious! And so! Our finishing move is the Relay Bond Attack, but…
Rei: (still gagging)
Nagisa: …Rei-chan.
Rei: (swallows) …Blue and Green have graduated… So we don’t have enough Bond Power anymore…
Nagisa: If this keeps on, we’ll lose to the Dark Octopus Troops!
Rei: …Please lend us your power, everyone!
Nagisa: All together,
N&R: Let’s fight against evil organizations!

Rei: Ugh…
Nagisa: Are you okay, Rei-chan?
Rei: I don’t even want to remember how many rice balls I’ve eaten…
Nagisa: Huh, but they were so delicious, the protein rice balls.
Rei: Strawberry flavored, cocoa flavored, banana flavored… The nausea is coming back…
Nagisa: I could eat those all day. Because they’re delicious.
Rei: I’m worried about your taste buds…
Nagisa: Although… I wonder if new members will come.
Rei: Oh… All we can do is have faith and wait. We did air-swimming, showed our muscles, and it seemed to have more success than last year.
Nagisa: We got applause after the Iwatobi Rangers skit, too.
Rei: Well, in the end, rather than our acting, it seems it was Gou-san’s announcing of our results from last year that excited the crowd.
Nagisa: Hehe, a lot of people actually knew about our club too!
Rei: Yes. …It would be nice to swim more relays.
Nagisa: Yeah.
Gou: (enters) YOU GUYS!
Nagisa: Gou-chan?
Rei: What’s the matter, rushing like that?
Gou: Right now, Amakata-sensei told me!
Nagisa: Ama-chan told you what?
Gou: Actually!
Rei: Actually?
Gou: We got applications from new members!
Gou: And there are really lots of them! They’re coming to observe the activities soon!
Nagisa: YAAAY!
Rei: With that, no risk of being disbanded!
Nagisa: We’ll get to swim relays!
Gou: I can look at muscles!
Rei: That’s another story!
Nagisa: Haha! We’ll get to meet new mates!
Rei: Let’s create the best team!
All: YEAH!

All: Welcome! To the Iwatobi high school swim club!

Afterword: This track is very important because sentai is awesome. That’ll be all.


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